Fly Fishing the Great Rivers of Montana


Rio's How to set the hook

Dry, Nymphs, & Streamer sets

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RIO'S HOW TO "fish a nymph & indicator"

RIO Products this episode of RIO's "How To" series, RIO marketing coordinator Russ Miller explains how to "fish a nymph & indicator" in a river. As easy as this sounds, Russ's tips will certainly help improve the skills and catch rate for most anglers.  

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RIO's How to Roll Cast

RIO's How to Roll Cast -  RIO brand manager Simon Gawesworth teaching, demonstrating and explaining "How To Make a Roll Cast". In this film, Simon covers the three most important things to learn in order to make a perfect roll cast. In addition,  

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RIO's How To Avoid Twist in your Fly Line - RIO Products

 RIO's "How To" series features RIO sales manager Zack Dalton explaining and demonstrating the difference between fly line twist, and line memory. In this film Zack describes how to avoid getting twist in a fly line in the first place, but also illustrates what to do to get rid of twist in a line if it happens. In addition, Zack talks about line memory, and shows how easy it is to remove this from a RIO fly line. Zack's tips are very neat indeed and well worth learning, and any angler that has e

Streamer Fishing From A Drift Boat

Simon Gawesworth from RIO Products discusses the flylines and leader setup he likes to use with streamers for maximum effectiveness. He is fishing on the Bow River with Fish Tales fly shop.

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